Armadillo Rib Vest

Size: Kid Kart


SFI Certified Vests are VA1, VA2, VA3 and VA5SFI

The Armadillo Rib Vest meets SFI 20.1 Certification Requirements for drivers age 5 - 12 years old (VA1, VA2, VA3 and VA5SFI)  It gives the driver chest protection as well as covering the complete torso. 

The versatile design of the Team Valhalla Armadillo makes it adaptable to drivers of all shapes and sizes. 
  • Adjustable Side Straps
  • Removable Shoulder Pads
  • Quick Release Shoulder Buckles
  • Padded Back
Sizing Instructions: Measure around the driver's chest and waist. Use the larger of the 2 measurements to determine the vest size. 

Kid Kart  22" - 27"
Junior 26" - 31"
Junior II 30" - 35"
Medium 34" - 39"
Large 38" - 43"
X-Large 42" - 47"

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