Gen4 Armadillo SFI Certified Chest Protector Vest

Size: Kid Kart


The most Versatile Chest Protector Available! The Gen4 Armadillo is designed to help absorb impact to the chest, rib, and back area of young drivers. Is beneficial to drivers in motorsports such as go karting, dirt bikes, motocross, and BMX. 
SFI Certified!

  • Complete Torso Coverage
  • Padded Back
  • Adjustable Side Panels
  • Quick Release Buckles
Sizing Instructions: Measure around the driver's chest and waist. Using the larger of the 2 measurements find the size that best fits the measurement. 

Kid Kart  22" - 27"
Junior 26" - 31"
Junior II 30" - 35"
Medium 34" - 39"

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