Kart Republic KR1 KZ

Jecko Seat Size: B0
KR Magnesium Oxytech Wheels 130mm/210mm Set: No


Ages: 12+

Classes: All shifter categories. 80 / 125 / 175cc shifter applications including Stock Honda 80 & 125cc, IAME 175cc SSE Super Shifter, ROK Shifter.

1050mm wheelbase - adjustable

32mm tubing

50mm axle

1030mm axle length "Medium"

KR (Kart Republic) 1 is our first kart in the KR line up, with all new Ø32mm tubing this kart is reserved purely for KZ & Shifter classes. The larger diameter tubing ensures for extra stability & durability from the extreme forces of the heavy and powerful shifter classes. Complete with all new radially mounted braking system & magnesium parts as standard this kart is born to shift.

Photo Credit: TKart

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