REV Performance

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REV Bumper Saver Kit
REV Fuel Filter
REV 219 Chain Breaker
Wheel Weights
Wheel Studs
CIK Copper Wheel Nut
2 Bolt Cable Clamp
Throttle Cable
REV Rave Valve Tool
REV Graduated Cylinder 500ml
REV ToolboxREV Toolbox
REV Engine Mount Clamp Set
REV 2T Mount Spacer (1CM)REV 2T Mount Spacer (1CM)
REV 2T Engine MountREV 2T Engine Mount
REV 4T ECO Mount (2PC)REV 4T ECO Mount (2PC)
REV 4T Sliding Top Plate 14°REV 4T Sliding Top Plate 14°
REV 4T Sliding Top Plate 8°REV 4T Sliding Top Plate 8°
REV Chassis ProtectorsREV Chassis Protectors

Jecko Seats

The Jecko Racing Seats are an avant-garde product in the world of go-karts, technology and design. The Closedge system has been developed and patented by Jecko to guarantee the highest level of performance. This technology constitutes the closing of the edge of the seat and in its inflation by injection. The edge closure generates a structure that improves the appearance of the kart, while the inflation uses a suitable material to dampen vibrations and optimize the comfort and safety of the driver.
The particular shape of the seat was realized after a thorough study of ergonomics and the high level of tension / stress coming from modern go-kart driving.

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