Motor Mount Clamp K-32 (32 x 90mm)



Motor Mount Clamp by Odenthal for K-Type kart frames, fitting 32mm x 90mm frames. This motor mount clamp is your best option for CRG-type kart frames and shifter go karts!


Motor mount clamps are designed to secure your engine and associated engine mount in place on the kart chassis. Often, these clamps are colloquially called "butterfly" style clamps due to their shape.

Each clamp features a recessed opening to fit an M10 allen bolt into the center of the clamp. Milled with a slight amount of lateral adjustment, these clamps allow a minor amount of play to accommodate bent or crushed frame rails as well, just in case a racer needs that adjustment.

Additionally, the clamping face of the butterfly features several ridges that enhance the grip with which the clamp exerts on the frame rails when tightened. This holds your motor mount in place even stronger than a standard clamp. It's the little things that set Odenthal's products apart!

    Finding the Right Motor Mount Clamp for Your Chassis

    Finding the right motor mount and clamp configuration for your chassis can be daunting. Fortunately, we are here to make it easier for you! Odenthal's motor mounts come with several clamp and base-plate options, which means that the ultimate fit for your chassis is perfect, every time. However, a little measurement is necessary to ensure things fit this way!

    Consider the following example:


    To find the right motor mount for your chassis, examine the area of your kart chassis that is used for fixation of your motor mount and engine. For most karts, this is on the driver's right, near the rear axle, and can be found by looking for a portion of the frame that features two parallel tubes.

    The dimensions of your motor mount is directly related to both the spacing between your motor mount frame rails, and the outer diameter of the chassis tubing itself:

    • "K" type spacing means that center-center between these tubes is 90.0mm. This is more common on many CRG-derived chassis.
    • "I" type spacing means that center-center between these tubes is 90.0mm. This is a more common spacing on European karts, but be sure to double check your chassis!

    To determine which frame rail spacing your kart has, take two measurements:

    • Measure the outer-outer distance of the frame rails. That is to say, from the outer edge of one frame rail, to the outer edge of the other frame rail. Typically, this will be a measurement between 118mm and 124mm.
    • Measure the outer diameter of either frame rail. Most commonly, karts utilize 28.0, 30.0, or 32.0mm frame rail tubes.

    Now, subtract your frame rail diameter from the outer-outer measurement, and you have your frame rail spacing! Remember, this should be a value of 90.0mm or 92.0mm.

    Note on Measuring: For best results, Point Karting recommends using a set of digital calipers, with a range of motion of at least 130.0mm.

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