The BIG MAX radiator combines its typical generous size with the latest generation MAX radiator core which guarantees up to 10% increase in cooling capacity and up to 20% decrease in total weight. The reduction in weight becomes quite important for a radiator whose width (29 cm) is 5 cm greater than that of the RS MAX, a difference that increases up to 9 cm if we compare it to the R MAX. The Big MAX was born from a specific need dictated by regulatory changes and the advent of the nowadays fairings for karts which, being wider than in the past, result in the radiator receiving less air compared to the past. New-Line Racing has tried to make up for this shortcoming by designing a radiator of increased cross-section, not so much in height, as in width. The rear deflector, which comes as standard, ensures a further optimization of air flows, by directing the hot air away from the rear tire and improve the outflow from the rear of the radiator. The water inlet and outlet benefit from a curved design to ensure that water flows through every tube of the radiator. In case of extreme weather conditions, the BIG MAX radiator can also be paired with the Supplementary model.

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