Odenthal Copper Spacer Plate

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Copper Spacer Plate for Vibration Dampening on go kart motor mounts. Engineered by Odenthal to fit a variety of their precision motor mounts for kart race engines, these  spacer plates elevate your kart engine slightly above the mount, and dampen vibrations to the chassis during engine operation. 

By reducing vibrations to your engine, this copper spacer plate improves your driving experience, reducing vibrations through the chassis to your feet and hands. In addition, reduction in vibrations through the power train prolongs the life of your engine, as severe vibrations can lead to premature engine wear or damage to sensitive components. 


Copper is excellent for dampening vibration, and also has a high heat index! For air cooled or water-cooled engines, heat is a constant issue. Thermal loss is no joke- the hotter your engine (or, at least, too hot), the worse your engine performs! Consider this copper plate an additional heat sink for your motor. Reduction in vibrations and it keeps the motor cooler? Yep! 

Each copper spacer plate is approximately 5.0mm thick. To accommodate this plate, with the purchase of this plate you will want to consider changing your motor mount clamp studs to be 5.0mm longer to keep the clamping force and capability of the motor mount identical to a standard mount. 

The copper plate could potentially fit motor mounts other than Odenthal models, as bolt patterns for engines are fairly universal. However, these copper plates are specifically designed to fit Odenthal's line of racing engine motor mounts. 

Each plate is sold individually, with no additional mounting hardware.  

Selecting Motor Mount Option for Plate

Odenthal makes (2) types of copper vibration plates - ODC2, which is for their 4-cycle range of mounts, and ODC1, which is for their 2-cycle motor mounts. Make sure to properly select the right one for your motor mount application!

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