PKT 30mm Rear Wheel Hubs

Length: 30mm


PKT offers three sizes of 30mm rear hubs all CNC machined from high quality aircraft grade aluminum. Each hub is black anodized, built with PKT wheel studs and 12.9 hardware to include a set screw for locking to the axle key. 

PKT's 30x30 rear hub is the first of its kind and replicated throughout the industry. It is the narrowest and lightest 30mm hub on the market. This hub is sure to lighten up the rear end of the kart along with decreasing your rotating weight resulting in more power. 

Also available int 50mm & 70mm we offer longer hub options for those trying to increase rear grip. 


PKT's 30mm narrow rear wheel hub. These are the narrowest and lightest in the industry. At just 30mm long, these hubs are CNC machined from high quality aircraft aluminum, with a black anodized finish and laser engraved. Metric zinc plated hardware standard. These are a must to free up a cadet, junior sportsman or kid kart. Sold individually.

 PKT's Lightweight 30mm metric wheel hubs. Available in 50mm & 70mm lengths with 8mm keyway's. 50mm weighs 8 oz. & the 70mm 9 oz. Finished in black anodize with laser engraving. Sold Individually. 2 required.

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