Tony Kart 401RR OK/KZ

Seat: Size 1
Model: Non-Shifter


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The 2022 Tony Kart Racer 401 chassis, in the version featured by the "double R", takes to the maximum evolutionary expression the Tony Kart's top range model. As always available in single gear, shifter and DD2 versions, it has a new livery and introduces several news born from the synergy of Tony Kart racing team and OTK Kart Group R&D department.

Fairing Kit M10
For several years, OTK Kart Group's R&D department has been focusing its attention on the aerodynamic refinement of its products, through CFD computer simulations and in-depth wind tunnel tests. This work initially led to the introduction of the M7 number plate spoiler, with its innovative design and ability to reduce aerodynamic resistance, resulting in increased performance. The M7 is now combined with the new M10 fairing kit to further refine the aerodynamic profile of the Racer 401 RR. The weight-saving side bumpers have been streamlined to aid rear tire cooling. In addition, the front spoiler and the rear protection, adjustable in width, meet the latest FIA regulations. Not to forget is the "integral" floorplate, already featured on the previous Racer 401 R model, which further improves aerodynamic efficiency.

Part # 01B-RACER 401 RR OK


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